History of Minervas

Decades of history are woven into every meal at Minervas.

While the restaurant opened in 1977, its building in downtown Sioux Falls has been used as a well-love restaurant establishment as early as 1917.

As Schockley's, it was known for serving up hearty home-cooked meals that ended with a hot fudge sundae, along with a large assortment of fruit and candy for sale.

The Minerva name came in 1921, when a new owner renamed Schockley's Minerva Confectionary. Shortly after, it sold again and those new owners focused on the dining establishment instead of fruit and candy. The sweets then were only part of the name - when it became the Palace of Sweets after a contest was held to name the restaurant.

Changing Hands

In 1949, another new owner dubbed the restaurant Lemonds' Finer Foods - and a candy counter returned to the front.

And in 1974, it changed hands again, this time becoming The Peanut Gallery pub and sandwich shop.

When new owners purchased it in 1977, the Minerva name returned, this time as Minerva's Corner Creperie, though now it's simply known as Minervas. A reputation so well-earned it only needs one word in the name.

Vanguard Hospitality, led by Ken Bashore, Tim Meagher and Michael Gjernes, has proudly owned the restaurant since 2016.