ven in the depths of winter, Matt and Jamie Lindemann are providing locally raised hogs for Sioux Falls diners.The owners of Lindy Land & Livestock, or L3 Co., have designed their Alcester farm to provide the best setting possible for their Berkshire hogs — including during the coldest time of year.

Berkshire hogs “are known for their exceptional meat quality and their marbling,” Jamie Lindemann said.

And at L3 Co., the whole operation revolves around them — from rotational grazing to a spacious living area.

The animals even drink from a system designed to produce clean, fresh water even when temperatures drop far below zero.

“It helps us to support this production system year-round,” Matt Lindemann explained, adding that the farm offers the hogs a maximum amount of living space.

“We recognize a lot of times that doesn’t meet efficiency requirements for traditional animal production, but it also sets us apart and produces a product quality we feel is higher,” he said.

Vanguard Hospitality agrees. The Sioux Falls restaurant group, owners of Grille 26, Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls and Morrie’s Steakhouse, works with L3 Co. as a pork supplier.

The relationship is “first and foremost based on their philosophy of taking care of the animals, the grazing they allow them to enjoy; they’re happy, healthy animals,” chief operating officer Tim Meagher said. “We’re getting very high-quality pork, and they’re being raised in a very high-quality environment.”

The pork is “fantastic,” executive chef Joshua Jackson said. “The meat quality is a little bit of fat, it has some red tinges to it, and it melts in your mouth. It’s just delicious.”