On 40 acres outside Brandon, tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce in the ground now will be on the menu soon for diners at several Sioux Falls restaurants.

Vanguard Hospitality, owner of Grille 26, Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls and Morrie’s Steakhouse, is partnering with Cherry Rock Farms to supply much of the vegetables needed across its company

“Our values, how we do business, family, taking care of our product, it all aligns because they already have a very high standard for how they take care of the land and how they grow vegetables,” Vanguard chief operating officer Tim Meagher said.

Fourth-generation Cherry Rock Farms is “small enough still that the produce we produce, I think, is a premier product,” co-owner Marco Patzer said.

"We grow just about everything you can imagine as far as produce that’s possible in South Dakota. Lots of tomatoes, watermelon, sweet corn, cucumbers.”
The relationship is part of a much broader commitment by Vanguard to work with South Dakota and regional producers to source everything from meat to dairy products and even dessert ingredients.

“We’re really excited to work with Vanguard,” Patzer said. “It’s nice to partner with somebody that’s excited about being able to provide their customer with the same high-quality flavorful produce.”

For a closer look at Cherry Rock Farms and what’s next for the growing family operation, come with us for a visit below: