The cocktail bar adjacent to Minervas at 11th Street and Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls has been reimagined to focus on chef-inspired, shareable dishes.

“We want this to be a place you can come after work with colleagues, on a date night or after a show downtown,” Vanguard Hospitality CEO Ken Bashore said.

“Our culinary team designed the new menu to offer a lot of shareable items, so you can come in with a group, maybe order five things and have a more community experience with your dining.”

The new menu features about a dozen items that will vary seasonally to reflect Vanguard’s commitment to sourcing food locally as much as possible.

“We’ve drawn on our local partners to bring our guests the freshest possible products and produce we can,” Bashore said.

What can you expect on the menu?

Think of a mix between appetizers and entrees, from oysters with bourbon butter gratin to steak tartare crostini.

A New York strip steak offers an elevated sandwich option, while a smash burger features a custom brisket blend, caramelized red onion, American cheese, bread-and-butter pickles and Russian dressing.

“We’re excited to introduce our new dishes,” Bashore said.

“One that really floored me was the beet tostada. For me, beets are an acquired taste. But I really enjoyed this dish. I wasn’t expecting to like it, and I absolutely love it.”

The cocktail menu also is a focal point, from “doing classics like the old-fashioned martini extremely well to having some creative cocktails we like to rotate frequently,” bar manager Ethan Chabino said.

“We use fresh produce in our garnishes and locally source our syrups. Plus, we’re very avid listeners, so we like to change and adapt and make sure this is going to be a good spot for everybody. We’ve got a little more seating than some of the smaller bars, but we’re still looking to deliver a high level of service.”