From a farm in Faulkton …
… to the downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle, Hadrick Ranch is the premium beef provider for the Minervas burger entry.

“We don’t want to raise commodity cattle, we want to raise cattle that will provide this amazing experience,” Troy Hadrick, owner of Hadrick Farms and Hadrick Ranch Premium Angus Beef.

Since 1910 the Hadrick family has set a standard for incredible beef. brought into a new century thanks to a focus on genetics and DNA testing.

“We feel that as a company we are giving our guests the highest quality beef that we can, and to be able to work with a rancher direct, and have a hand in understanding the whole process, is something that is very unique, because normally you can’t really do that,” Time Meagher COO and owner of Minervas and Vanguard Hospitality,

Vanguard Hospitality regularly works with Hadrick to supply beef for Morrie’s Steakhouse, Grille 26 and Minervas, including for Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle.

“When we stood around that cheeseburger at Minervas, it was a completely new experience, because what happens is you want to take away ingredients so the beef can shine, and that’s a different kind of conversation,” Meagher said.

How popular is this year’s burger?
Well, another 120 cases of premium beef had to be brought down from Faulkton to support demand.

Minervas is selling more that five time as many burgers as last year.

“Hopefully every time somebody gets to enjoy a bite of what we raised, that can say, yeah, I can taste the generations, I can taste the effort, and appreciate it for that,’ said Hadrick.