A word of advice: When making your way through the newly expanded Minervas Market Bar, save room for when you get to the end.

That’s where you’ll find an exceptional selection of the freshest, most local meat Jordan Klein could find – and it only meant a quick trip to Renner Corner Locker.

“A couple months after we reopened the salad bar, our team went out to visit and brought samples back,” said Klein, who serves as garde manger for the Market Bar.

“We tried it and liked it, and we started placing orders.”

Minervas brings in two varieties of sausage from the locker north of Sioux Falls – the classic summer sausage and cheddar jalapeno pepper jack summer sausage.

“You can taste the freshness,” Klein said. “It does not taste processed. If you compare it to store-bought meats, there’s a definite difference when it’s produced fresh and not mass-produced.”

At Renner Corner, assistant manager Jon Siemonsma said Minervas’ choices also are customer favorites.

“Summer sausage uses a seasoning blend they tried years ago, and people liked it so well they’ve never changed it,” he said. “And anything with cheese is popular. It just goes well with the flavor of summer sausage, and we incorporate some jalapeno flakes, so there’s a little kick to it.”

And even though it’s called “summer” sausage, it’s offered year-round.

At Renner Corner, business has evolved over time from selling more basic, traditional sausage to “umpteenth varieties,” Siemonsma added. “We never used to have all the cheeses and flakes added – that’s all incorporated at the end.”

It’s rare to have a restaurant carry the sausage, though.

“That’s unique for Minervas,” Siemonsma said. “We have grocery stores that buy products, but as far as restaurants, the only other one that buys our fresh cuts is the one to the north of us with common ownership.”

Diners at Minervas have been loving the new addition to the Market Bar, Klein said.

“A lot of them will just take a little sausage, add some varieties of cheese and have a small charcuterie plate,” he said. “We have crackers that can be served with it, or you could even make a small sandwich.”

While he hasn’t been out for a trip through the Market Bar himself, Siemonsma said he’s hearing positive feedback too.

“I’ve heard good things,” he said. “And we use good quality meat. I think that helps. You’re not putting scraps in there. We put actual chuck or round in there, so it’s good meat.”

The relationship with Renner Corner is part of a larger effort throughout Vanguard Hospitality to source food as locally as possible, chief operating officer Tim Meagher said.

“We love the quality of products at Renner and are happy to offer those to our guests every time they visit the Market Bar,” he said. “It’s a perfect example of how we’ve elevated that experience with quality and freshness by working with local producers.”

Ready to try it for yourself? The Market Bar is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.